SUMA sponsors artistic and social project

SUMA sponsors artistic and social project


SUMA supported the Alfa Bravo project with the objective of rehabilitating a ondulating wall built for EXPO’98, that extends for almost four kilometers in Lisbon.

In addition to a monetary value, due to support the painting work of 30 homeless people living under the Santa Apolónia viaduct, the company was responsible for washing the 3,276 cement blocks that make up the wall, during a month. Between April 6th and May 6th, three workers were assigned to this project, operating a vehicle with a high-pressure wash kit and a containers’ washer vehicle.

During works it was necessary to reconcile an intense pace of execution and to coordinate efforts with the many entities involved (promoters, Administration of the Port of Lisbon, Infraestruturas de Portugal, Lisbon City Council and Municipal Police), in order to guarantee the safety and protection of workers and others, as well as compliance with established deadlines.

On May 15th, SUMA workers joined more than one hundred and fifty volunteers who painted the wall with the colors of the International Maritime Navigation Code, showing that civic and social responsibility are both duty of the organizations and commitment of the citizens.

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