RUB systems: experience and results of effectiveness


The commitment to the civic formation of populations, through environmental education programs and actions, in addition to contributing to the construction of more environmentally responsible and interventional generations, has also been following the trends, needs and goals, national and community, established for municipalities and regions.

SUMA’s experience in this area is an advantageous tool in effective contact with populations, converting into more immediate results in the implementation and sedimentation of systems.

In this plan, SUMA has integrated partnerships with municipalities and multi-municipal entities to introduce collections in door-to-door and proximity modes, in the multimaterial and biodegradable waste strands (food fraction and green fraction).

Currently, the organization is developing projects in this area in two dozen different Portuguese municipalities, for an estimated universe of about 65 thousand residential and non-residential dwellings (Horeca channel and others), with approximately 90 thousand targets contacted, which adds to the previous experience in 20 municipalities and about 50 thousand residential dwellings.

In order to face the imperatives of social distance, SUMA responded adaptively, through strict compliance with a health security protocol and the reinvention of direct contact methodologies with the populations, whenever possible, by activating the telephone-to-telephone contact (TTT).

It should be noted that the third notice is now open for the provision of Cohesion Funds, with a view to expanding and / or adapting infrastructures for the selective collection of bio-waste, and closing date on January 29, 2021 (2nd phase).

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