SUMA reinforces protection measures


Pursuing the policy of adopting best practices, SUMA has been ensuring new methods and personal protective equipment (PPE) that are effective solutions for its outstanding employees in the field, in the name of public health and health.

Thus, in addition to the mandatory use of the helmet for all workers who perform functions in the stirrups of vehicles, to respond to the growing number of disinfection services for containers, urban furniture and areas next to places with a wider influx of passers-by, in more from a dozen municipalities, one hundred sets were purchased and distributed, consisting of insulation suits, semi-masks with replaceable filters, galoshes, half-sleeve PVC gloves and goggles.

Various protective visors are still in the testing phase, which, in addition to being adjustable and comfortable, have to meet the requirements for adequacy to the remaining PPE used in the various activities to be developed.

In delivery, there are also a thousand cloth masks, washable and reusable, for forwarding to support service workers, continuing a project of environmental sustainability and social responsibility that SUMA started with Gaiurb in 2015, and which has contributed to the development of skills and employability of citizens from Rio de Janeiro, through institutions of social action and micro-enterprises.

In the service centers, complementary preventive measures have also been instituted, namely the passage of work shoes by a disinfectant, at the end of each shift, reducing the possibility of transporting objects liable to contamination.

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